Friday, August 7, 2009

Here's a few more!

These are pics taken at my Grans house on one of our last nights in San Antonio... Landon is in love with his great grandma and loves helping her water her garden...

So I'm a Tad behind lol

Ok so its been several months since i last blogged.. but lets see if i can catch things up.. We have gotten orders.. moved and settled into a whole new base since my last post. We are at Cannon AFB in Clovis,NM now. It was QUITE a shock.. We were hoping for over seas and instead got more Mexico lol Its a small base and small town. Very different then what we are used to in San Antonio. I haven't met a whole lot of people yet, I was hoping it would be a little more tight knit, but people have been here a while and seem to have established relationships with out need for new ones lol.. I have made one friend though, Sarah. She has a son Landon's age so that is nice that they can play together. Im slowly meeting others, it just all takes alot of time. Joey and I have been talking alot about expanding our family. We have been praying alot of about and trusting God with that blessing. We did expand by one already, her name is Trixie.. she is a terrier mix and a pain in my tush lol.. She is still young and has some puppy tendencies we are trying to break lol. Shes a sweet girl though and is just in love with Landon.
We found out there there is a program here that offers spouses 6k for school expenses, and with the community college here on base, i can take evening and Internet classes to get things rolling. I probably wont be working full time again until Landon (and if we have another ) are in school, but it will take a while, so its important i get back to school now so I can have it under my belt. It will all work out, just need to get it all set up.
We are quite a bit closer to Loveland now. About 8 hours away, so that will be nice to visit family on long weekends and what not.. Not sure when we will make it up there but hopefully soon.
I have started Crocheting and want to sell the hats that i make. I have two hats made now. The children ones looks soo cute in pictures and on babies. I am sure they will sell great for that age group. My good Friend Stacy offered to sell them and photograph them in exchange for some to use as photo props! That is great for all involved! Sooo excited about that! Cant wait to see them in the pics. I will keep making my diaper cakes as well.. I just love them, and hope that the community here does to .
Well i think that is about all i have for now! I am going to post some pics on here to.. hopefully they will show up !

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th 2009

Well, considering I have no idea how to blog/journal, I will start with the basics.. my day lol.. Today is wendsday, Landon woke up way to early today so I put him in bed with us. He woke up trying to poop and apparently it was to large for comfort.. the crying woke me up and here i am! lol 7am is way to early lol. Hes fine now, but he was not a happy camper. It shocks me how much can come out of something so small. He has been acting really odd lately, he threw up twice last week, witch is so weird, he may have been a spitty baby, but i can count on one hand how many times hes actually thrown up. hes been waking up insainly early the last week or so aswell. I am beginnign to think hes getting cold or somethin, i might need to add some blankets to his bed. He woke up this morning, along with the constipation, a weird cough.. almost croup sounding agian. I pray thats no the case.. that was not a fun experience the last time. Hes doing fine now it seems.. just watching his shows.
I have no idea what we are going to do today. Joey made arrangements to start carpooling with a buddy, and today is joeys day to drive. I like that i can have the car at least 2 to 3 days a week. That comes in handy. I have been Lucky that i have Stacy to keep me compnay. Other wise, i would be a seriously hardcore hermit. With her leaving in july, i may blacken my windows and refuse the sun.. work the hermit thing.
We are still waiting to hear if we get to move anywhere.. it sucks waiting.. i just want to know so i can start planning but the airforce doesnt care much about that little insignificant detail lol. I am really hopping we are thrown into a brand new situation, like Germany, so we can experience things we may never get the chance to see again. The history would just be so amazing in Europe! I would want to visit a new country every week! It is very nerve rackign thinking of living away from anything we are used to though. And with all the crazy natural disaster lately, it really makes you think.. I think it wil be ok though, Where ever God wants us he will send us, I am ready to see what he has in store for us.
I am currently trying to work off a serious Twilight addiction. I dont know why or how i let books and or movies get there hooks in my so deep lol. I am such a daydreamer, i guess it gives me something to play with in my head. My friends must think im nuts lol. But i just have a busy brain and it helps to have something, at least one thing to focus on. Focus is not my strongest suit lol. I finished all four books in about a week and even got in a little of another one of the authors book that isnt finished yet. I like being part of a make believe world, its very entertaining.BUT real life needs me more, so i am trying to come back to earth now. Cassie and I decided it would be fun to do a little book club thing. I want to read some of Jane Austeins (sorry cant spell) books.. so we are going to start with Sense and Sensibility. Her only rules wre that we had to read a chapter of the bible everday. Im cool with that, i have been feeling really bad that the bible cant hold my attention the way a book can. I wish i could read the bible so intently. I should be able to, it is the most important book afterall. I am going to try harder, hopefully i can master it.
Well, i think that is a very long journal post for right now!! lol Im sure ill be back, i like putting stuff down, its very ..relaxing... PEACE

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where to Start?

Today is the first day of blogging for me. My name is Angela, I am 25 years old and ready to lay it all out! I have a beautiful Two year old son named Landon, he is the most beautiful gift I have ever recieved, how I deserve such a gift I will never know. My husband Joey and I will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary comming up in june this year. He is an active duty member of the United States Air-Force. We have a great life here in San Antonio, Texas, A Hot life,but good.
I have decided to start blogging because I think to much and by think to much I mean WAY to much.Many times, EVERYTHING all at once is floating around up there, and it gets a little crowded. I am hoping for this blog to be an outlet for some of those thoughts and I can get my head a little more organized. This is like a domestic mental purging experiment for me lol.